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Sylphy Marheaven (シルフィー・メルヘヴン Shirufī Meruhevun?) was a soldier in the Demon Lord's Army formerly known as Raging Champion (レイジング・チャンピオン Reijingu Chanpion?).

She spends thousands of years practicing in Phantom Forest in order to defeat the Demon Lord. However, she was being used as a pawn by Alvarto Exex.


Sylphy is a cute pale-skinned girl with very long bright red hair tied with a white bunny ribbon and has almond-colored eyes. Though her real age is 3000+, she has the appearance of a very young girl.

In the past, she worn a revealing pink corset top and a matching color similar to Lydia's red outfit.

In the Laville National Academy Of Magic, she wore school uniform with a green tie.


Just like the lights were on, but no one was home, Sylphy is a typical idiot who could easily be called birdbrain. She is known for her stubbornness to the point where she spent more than three thousand years in the Phantom Forest just to defeat the Ard Meteor and in the worst case, she ended in the wrong path. When she was introduced, she showed to be fooled easily by anyone and can easily come to ridiculous conclusions. She isn't mature yet in many parts, like when Olivia talked about Lydia. She loves to boast about her monstrous strength which always ends in some trouble. But in truth, her desperate clinging to strength is not to look down on others, but to protect her beloved ones.[4]

Though she was an annoying and dimwitted person, she is a good person, she will apologize for her mess and wrongdoings. She cares for her friends and would do anything to help them. She could easily give the vibes of thinking of her as a dumb pest who always messes things and bring trouble, that because she wants to do something more than the other expected like when she told Varvtos that she wants to be more useful to him and someday stand beside him and Lydia.

She is also shown to act childish and loves to pamper Lydia who used to be her older sister figure and now like the history relives, Ireena also pampers her a lot.


At a very young age, Sylphy was an orphan after her parents were killed by demons. She had joined the military after Lydia took her in. In the military, she happened to be known as the "Raging Champion" thanks to her strength.

Eventually, she left the military to practice in the dungeon in Phantom Forest in order to defeat Demon Lord Vavatos. Three thousand years pass by and she learns that not only has the world drastically changed, but the demon lord had reincarnated and is currently studying at Laville National Academy Of Magic.


Ard Meteor

Sylphy maintains a certain rivalry with Ard for Lydia's attention, among other things, which has led them to duel many times with Ard always being the winner. It is later revealed that Silphy was always in love with Ard and what she really wanted was to have his attention and recognition.

Lydia Beginsgate

Sylphy considers Lydia to be her older sister, so she holds her in high esteem and affection. She always used to be by her side and was scolded when she overdid her attempts to gain Ard's recognition. After Alvarto Exex's defeat, the spirit of Lydia calls Slyphy an idiot and tells her that Ard isn't responsible for her death as well she will always watch over her when returning to the Sword Vald-Galgulus.

Ireena Litz de Olhyde

Having a great resemblance to Lydia, Silphy now tries to win her sympathy. For her part, Ireena sees Silphy as a troublesome little sister.

Weapons & Equipment

  • Demise-Argis: One of the three great Holy Swords in the world. Also known as the Noble Treasure of Annihilation. It is capable of expelling destructive energy that is like a type of poison, seeping out toxic magic with each torrent to wipe out enemies in every direction.
  • Vald-Galgulus: One of the three great Holy Swords in the world. It is formerly the divine, beloved weapon of Lydia the Champion. It cloaks its user in an aura of silver armor, rapidly enhancing their physical abilities and raising the blade’s lethality. It has the side effect of driving the user to madness while using it.



  • It is implied that in the future, Sylphy is one of Ard's wives.


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