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How New Users Can Help
  • Please be sure to review the wiki's Manual Of Style before making any edits!
  • Mark any underdeveloped page with Category:Stubs and help expand them in any way!
  • Mark pages that violate the wiki's policy with Category:Candidates for deletion.
  • Proofread any page and fix any distinguishable grammar and spelling errors.
  • Add wiki links to any pages missing them by using brackets like this:
Advanced Tasks
  • Expand character synopsis.
  • Add Unused Images to character galleries.
  • Add any missing references.
  • 'Maintain updated terminology usage throughout each article.
  • Keep the announcements and recent updates regarding the series up to date using this template.
General Reminders
Certain projects are already assigned staff members that we ask other editors not to edit without permission. Please open a channel of communication before making any of these major edits. This is not meant to discourage you from editing, we just want to maintain the best standard possible
  • Creating a new page: Newer content is best left to experienced editors, moderators, or staff members to set up properly. Feel free to add content once a new page has already been established.'
    • New Character
    • New Arc
  • Creating a new category
    • Adding deceased category
  • Adding chapter/episode/arc synopsis.
    • These are taken care of by admins.
  • Making large edits to character pages
      • Character abilities sections are under construction. If you notice a character is missing a box, please do not add one. Feel free to expand the section but understand it will be overhauled eventually.
        • If you wish to help contribute to developing boxes, reach out to User:ValtSoi.
  • Adding Images.:
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