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Rosa Laville is the current queen of the Kingdom Laville. She is the best friend of Ireena Litz de Olhyde who later became one of her love rivals (along with Ginny Fin de Salvan) due to her love for Ard Meteor.


Rosa is truly a majestic beauty with long blonde hair and purple eyes. She possessed a mature sort of beauty that was worthy of the regal appearance of a monarch. Usually, blonde hair locks twisted into tight coils.




Ard Meteor

At first, she demands that he marry her due to his outstanding skills and with the thought of his offspring will be capable a ruler in the future. But due to the disapproval of ministers, she slides that off and gave him the title of Pentagon. Throughout the series, she begins to develop real romantic feelings for him and wants to bear his children.

Ireena Litz de Olhyde

Is her childhood friend, they get along pretty well. Due to Rosa's own love for Ard, Rosa has became another love rival of Ireena (beside Ginny Fin de Salvan).



  • In light novel, it is implied that in the future, Rosa is one of Ard's wives.