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I used to act all high-and-mighty toward my stupid little brother—never showing him any affection…even though I’d always respected him in my heart… You know what? I even loved him. I would have died for him.
— Olivia's true feelings for her brother

Olivia vel Vine (オリヴィア・ヴェル・ヴァイン Orivia veru Vain?) is one of the Four Heavenly Kings.


Olivia is a beast woman with cat ears on her head were coupled with jet-black hair that reached down to her waist and a tail sprouted from her rear. Her skin was a translucent lily-white. She was about the same height as Ard, which put her on the tall side for a woman.


Olivia is said to be a mindful person who would show no mercy to her enemies and is a shrewd tactician. Being a member of Heavenly Kings, she is shown to have a very calm demeanor and is said to be expressionless most of the time. But Ard knowing her for more than 3,000 years, actually can be also a different person from what people did expect.

According to Ard, when she is in a sour mood, she became a peppy little chatterbox. On the other hand, when she was happy, she’d zip her mouth tighter than usual and play childish pranks on you. Oh, and it was completely possible to guess her thoughts at any given time by observing her cat ears and tail.

She is a sharp person who suspected that Ard is the reincarnation of the Demon Lord at first sight. Being his older sister figure from the old days, she had been harsh with him but also kind to him. She is a thoughtful person who realizes her own mistakes like when she is unwilling had to make a boundary between herself and Ard. Though being a calm person, she can lose her cool shown when Ireena asked about his father since it was rare for others to interact with her with such blinding innocence and naïveté like of Ireena's.

Unconditionally, she loses her thinking with it comes to sweet potatoes making her more child-like. This was also a reason that she wants to punish the demon lord because he ate it.



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