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I’m his friend! His best friend! There’s no one closer to him! Every other friend of his is below me! That’s our relationship!
— Ireena to Slyphy[4]

Ireena Litz de Olhyde (イリーナ・リッツ・ド・オールハイド Irīna Rittsu do Ōruhaido?) is the childhood friend of the Ard Meteor. She is the main female deuteragonist in the series.

She is from the Olhyde family, but it was just an alias as her family comes from the true and real bloodline of the nation's royal family, making her the real princess of the Laville.

She is also a descendant of Lydia which explains why she reminds Ard of her.

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In Volume 4, it revealed that in the future, Ireena will be the wife of Ard Meteor and have a daughter named Ellis Meteor   Section ends. Click here to hide spoilers.


Anime Design

Resembling of her ancestor, Lydia Beginsgate, Ireena is a beautiful elf girl with shiny silver hair and crystal clear blue eyes. Her hair reached down far enough to brush against her knees, and the ends were tied off daintily with ribbons. She has a flower hairpin and later replace it with a heart-shaped hairpin (given by her ancestor, Lydia) on her hair.


Ireena is shown to have a strong sense of justice and tomboyish nature ever since childhood. She is full of never-ending cheerfulness and liveliness which always refreshes Ard's mind. She is optimistic and is proactive in making friends, regardless of their attitude in return. She strongly hates those who bullied other people such as Elrado when he picked on Ginny.

She is a pure maiden who wouldn’t know about particular things like Harem which was proposed by Ginny. She is shown to jealous type when other girls try and get affectionate with Ard, often competing for his affections.


Ireena and her family come from the royal lineage, holding the name "Laville", making her the true princess of the Empire. But since their family is the descendants of the famous so-called "Champion" Lydia who carried the blood of Evil Gods and which is one of the reasons why she was labeled as a traitor to the Demon Lord, Ireena and her family resides at the countryside with "Olhyde" name as a disguise.

It is said that at the beginning, Ireena was not cheerful and lively. Her only friend at that time was Rosa but that doesn't rid her of her loneliness. But this was only the case until she met Ard Meteor.


Ard Meteor

She met Ard at the age of 12. They became friends after he saves her from a wolf. He taught her silent casting and upper level of Magic. She cannot tolerate the one who insults Ard. She sees him as her best and precious friend.

In reality, she was always in love with Ard, but due to her innocence, she did not know how to interpret her feelings until she met Ginny. This is heavily evident that she have a jealousy and heated rivalry with Ginny over his attention to them. She seems intolerant to the harem plan with Ginny as she claimed that she wanted him all by herself due to her maiden persona.

When her future daughter came to the present, she said that Ireena is her mother and indirectly said that Ard is her father.

Ginny Fin de Salvan

At first Ireena felt sorry for how they mistreated Ginny and invited her to her group, however soon after they began to compete for Ard's attention, as Ginny fell in love with him too so they became love rivals. Despite this, Olivia and Ginny are good friends and care about each other.

Lydia Beginsgate

Lydia is Ireena's ancestor. However, Ireena looks disapproved of her ancestor's perverted behavior of younger girls, but hold an even more intensified interests of Succubus girls who are virgins, when Lydia groping Ginny sexually.




Weapons and Equipment


  • It is implied that in the future, she is Ard's main wife.
  • The Known Ireenas from the parallel world that appeared in Volume 8 are as follows:
    • God Ireena
    • Memory Ireena.
    • Bloody Ireena
    • Mountain Ireena
    • Mysterious Ireena
    • Thousand Ireena
    • Metamorphose Ireena
    • Sparkling Ireena
    • Metallic Ireena
    • Ultimate Ireena
    • Gigantic Ireena
    • Cosmetic Ireena
    • Healing Ireena


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