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There is nothing in this world that cannot be destroyed.
— Ard's monologue[8]

Ard Meteor (アードメテオ Ādo Meteo?) is the main male protagonist of The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody.

He is the Demon Lord Varvatos who defeated the Evil Gods and united the world. He chooses to reincarnate three thousand years into the future due to the loneliness brought about by his overwhelming power.


Anime Design

Ard Meteor is a human with striking black hair and deep red eyes. He was usually seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a white shirt along with a navy blue jacket which represents his status as a "commoner". He also wears black trousers and black boots. He's described as a handsome boy by almost every girl in the academy, even having a fan club "Ard Fan Club" which consists of only female members.

Even during his demon lord's days, he had been described to have an almighty majestic figure. At that time, he had long white hair.

In Brave Demon mode, his black hair will turn to pure white and deep celestial red eyes which represents the massive mana, aura, and power. In perfect synchronicity, the chain on his right arm emerges which started to release a black aura, seeping out and the clothes on his back turned into a pitch-black costume.


Ard usually comes with a calm and collected demeanor even during life-threatening situations. He is described to be a kindhearted person, thoughtful, well-mannered, empathetic towards those around him, and is willing to help others in any way possible if he is able. As being the former demon lord, he is a sharp person who can easily figure out people's true intentions. Despite saving humanity, he is seen by many who knows him to be a very dangerous person leading to his loneliness. He is shown to be a determined person and that makes his determination drives him to the point where he would willing to risk his own life to save the person in need.

After reincarnating, he takes a great interest in the well-being of not only his family but also his subordinates. He is willing to go to great lengths to assist in their development, in order for them to reach their full potential. He can be an airhead when it comes to women's feelings towards him, especially of Ireena, mistaking their affections for a friend. He also has lacks common sense as he always thinks that his magic and talent are that of the norm, and often misinterprets other remarks.

He is highly intelligent, considering his past life as Demon Lord when he get the top marks in the academy like it was walking in the park. But though he is an enigma in all ways, he was a loner in a past life since his school days that didn't know to make friends even after his reincarnation when he can also stumble at words when he unknowingly had to confront bombarded-like situations.

Surprisingly, he talks in a faster tone when he feels embarrassed.


Pre-Reincarnation Arc

Known as Varvatos in his past life, he was an orphan abandoned along with Olivia vel Vine in the slums. Somehow, by chance, Aisha met them and adopted them. Albeit, she was drunker, she taught them pickpocketing and gambling.

After The Outer Ones or Evil Gods enslaved humanity, the war began and with that conflict, Varvatos' second made got killed and so he decided to avenge his friend and change the world. To accomplish that he became the first human mage who acted as a savior of the world to save the world by defeating the Evil Gods. He had created magic language specifically for humanity and shared his knowledge with the world. But as half of the humans already acknowledged the Evil Gods as their supreme beings, Varvatos was considered a traitor to humankind and said to be more like a dog of Evil Gods. He came into the contract with Mephisto Yuu Phegor, an evil god, who promised Varvatos that he'll not lose anything if he joins him and does whatever he says. At Central Elmenera, Varvatos became a commander of the defending army to stop the rebel army led by Lydia. He fought her and won the battle with his magic manifested sword, Wyrm Tepes.

After reviewing some documents at Megatholium, he decided to take some rest on the advice of Rivelg. He saw the dream of his harsh childhood and how he met Mephisto. Mephisto, surprisingly, confronts Varvatos telling them that he had failed twice to kill his daughter, Lydia.

Under the disguise of Daniel Wilaski, Varvatos came out of his comfort zone and wanted to stroll around the streets and towns only to get self-satisfied that humanity is living in high spirits. While walking around, he came across an unexpected person, Lydia, who started a mock battle with some men for some showoff.

In the turn of events, he helped her and became her friend.

At the office, he was in deep thinking about why he is enjoying time with Lydia. Then Mephisto, coming out of nowhere, also asks the same thing and furthermore gave a threat that if he didn't kill his daughter, he would kill Olivia.

In the streets of Megatholium, Varvatos took Lydia to a low hill outside of town just for asking about what she felt about the nation. She gave an honest answer revealing that she liked the nation and she already knew that Varvatos was using a disguise. She then told him that she always admired him for fighting The Evil Gods which she can't muster the courage to do so. And that's she wanted to fight Varvatos with all her strength.

"If you can’t do anything by yourself and are too scared to walk alone, I’ll stay by your side. Till the day I die."
―Lydia to Varvatos, expressing her resolve

During his battle with Lydia, she opened his eyes to the truth and made him accept himself and the reality. As the battle seems to be cooled off, Mephisto appeared to do the job by himself but only to get failed by Varvatos and Lydia. Thus, Varvatos, who is now no longer the servant of Mephisto, decided to fulfill his desire to save the world along with newly made ally.

Myth Killing Honor Student Arc

Over 3,000 years ago, Ard was known as Demon Lord Vartatos who rule over the demon realm. He was the strongest and wisest demon lord of all time. Before becoming a Demon Lord, he used to have colleagues but after getting the position of it, they began to see him as their supreme leader and start acting formally. Due to all loneliness, he reincarnated into an average villager in order to make friends and live a happy life.

After reincarnating, he tried to make friends but ended up in failure due to his common sense being of his previous self not of a child.


One day, he heard a scream coming from the forest. There was a girl who had been trapped by a wolf. He saved her. The girl's name was Ireena, daughter of the Heroic Baron, Weiss. She became his first friend.

Some years later, while celebrating a feast with his and Ireena's parents. Ireena's father, Wiess, suggested they go to Laville National Academy Of Magic which both of them happily agreed. In Laville, while strolling around he saved a girl named Jessica from some orcs, who happens to be his homeroom teacher. During a mocked battle with an elf, Elrado, Ard reunites with his right-hand woman and big sister, Olivia vel Vine. After winning the match, Olivia suspects that he could be Demon Lord as he used double-casting magic which was considered a lost spell in the current era.

When he was on a date with Ginny along with Ireena, they all confronts the members of the crime syndicate group known as Lar El Ghoul who was assigned to kill the current queen. But in meantime, Ard sabotages all members which leads him to kill a demon that outrages in the streets. Later, he does get the title of Pentagon from the queen of Laville, Rosa.

During the battle event, a horde of demons raids the colosseum. They were supposed to kidnap Ireena. In that hazard, Jessica's true form got revealed as the Elzard, the ancient dragon who nearly destroyed the world after the demon lord disappears, she abducted Ireena and took her to Laville Of Sorcery. Weiss told Ard about their blood lineage who happens to carry the blood of evil gods and they are rightful precursors to the Royal family.

In the battle between Ard and Elzard, he had to reveal his true identity in front of Ireena. At last, he defeated Elzard.


  • Superhuman Strength
  • Sonic Speed
  • High Attack Potency
  • Intelligence


  • Search: A probing spell which pinpoints his target and teleports him.
  • Dimension Walk: A teleportation spell that transports his body to his desired location.
  • Wall: An elementary spell that calls forth a magic circle to allow a translucent barrier to envelop his immediate surroundings.
  • Giga Flare: A mid-level spell that has an attack range that is small and concentrated, making it one of the strongest single-target combat spells. In the modern world, it is called Ultima Flare and is considered a lost skill.
  • Heal: An elementary spell that heals his target.
  • Mega Flare: A mid-level fire spell capable of engulfing hundreds of people.
  • Script Magic: By using broken fragments of ancient runes, Ard first projected a simple magic circle in the air and cast a spell very quickly causing the area to explode.
  • Reflect Wall: A spell in which Ard uses the modified version of the mid-level Mega Wall to return the force of his opponent's attack back at them.
  • Lightning Field: A mid-level attack spell that is a derivation of Lightning Blast. It summons a rain of lightning over a wide area to conquer and annihilate.
  • Flash of Babel: A spell that unleashes a flood of golden light that quickly seeks out and washes over its target in an instant. The destructive beam of light shots upward into the sky, puncturing a ginormous hole among the clouds, where it finally reaches its zenith and died out.
  • Hydra Blast: A mid-level lightning magic that creates bolts of black lightning snakes.
  • Ultima Wall: A special-class defense that envelops him in a semi-translucent protective orb.
  • Ultimatum Zero: A spell that manifests 7 titanic magic circles and charges magical energy which is then fired at his target. It has enough energy to lap around the planet a few times.
  • Script Magic: By using broken fragments of ancient runes, Ard first projected a simple magic circle in the air and cast a spell very quickly causing the area to explode.
  • Ground Bomb: A spell which is a combination of earth and fire magic that works like a landmine.
  • Giga Wind: A high-level wind spell that generates a strong current of air.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Demise-Argis: Ard has used this holy sword temporarily while fighting the masked figure. Demis-Argis is one of the three great Holy Swords in the world. The giant golden blade emanated a ghastly aura of destructive energy that was like a type of poison, seeping out toxic magic with each torrent to wipe out enemies in every direction. That’s how it earned its nickname: The Noble Treasure of Annihilation.
  • Armor of the Demon Lord: An armor made by Demon Lord Varvatos, which is powerful magical equipment made up of 666 pieces. It consists of an overcoat, the color of the void, a crimson spear, and a pair of azure greaves. In Heydays, Ard can easily manifest the armor but now after reincarnation as his body got slightly weaker, the armor may suck all of his magical power in at once. So to avoid that, he transforms them into armor more appropriate for his current abilities.


Ireena Litz de Olhyde

Ireena is the first friend made by Ard after he saves her from a monster. Since their childhood, they share an unbreakable bond as they fully support and trust each other more than anyone else. Ireena has a strong affection for Ard, which is unclear to her if that is love or not, she always wants to be with him even during doom days.

Unconditionally, need to say that Ireena's and Ard's relationship, reliving his relationship with Lydia. As her family shares the blood lineage of Lydia's, Ireena's father had to hide this fact from Ard, the demon lord reincarnation who killed Lydia with his own hands, to not break off the friendship between them.

Undoubtedly, their bond get even stronger as both of them already seems to accept each other's true selves. Ever since she had seen a glimpse of his true power, she decided to become strong and fight by his side.

Ireena is shown to be jealous whenever other girls get close to him. She had rejected Ginny's Ard's harem plan and claims that Ard only belongs to her.

In Light Novel Volume 4, it is heavily implied that Ard will be marrying her and they would have a daughter named Ellis Meteor but his daughter revealed Ard has a lot of wives.

Ginny Fin de Salvan

Ard gave her confidence to fight with her own power. She begins to worship him and came to love him. When she suggested that she doesn't mind if Ard got a harem, Ireena tossed this matter. Ard taught her to control magic and to do silent-casting. She is too bold for showing her feelings in front of him to the point she says that even he got a harem she wants to be his number one, doing her best to get close to him and even seduce him with her charm magic(which get always failed because of Ireena).

Ard has never rejected Ginny's advances, appearing perplexed by them as no one has ever tried to seduce him in such a way.

Slyphy Marheaven

Ard thinks of hers, walking trouble. In his previous life, she always ruins his plans and annoys him with her stupid common sense. She wants to become stronger than him as Lydia thinks of him very highly. After she gets to know Ard has put Lydia sentenced to death, she starts practicing in the Phantom Forest for 3000 years all because she wanted to kill him as she sees Lydia as her big sister. She gets to know that he has reincarnated and now staying at Laville National Academy Of Magic with a masked man. Without even thinking, she rushes over to the Academy. Though she can be fooled easily, Ard hides that he is the demon lord's reincarnation when she asked him to. Throughout the series, she came to the conclusion that she shouldn't think that Ard is the Demon Lord and even came to fall in love with him by his kind nature.

At the end of Volume 2, when she was provoked by the masked man, she loses her sense of reasoning and nearly destroys everything that comes in her way but Ard defeated her and led her to come back to her senses. When Silphy asked him if he was the reincarnation of the Demon Lord, would she kill him or not. But instead, she says that if she does that, Lydia will never forgive her.

Lydia Beginsgate

Olivia vel Vine




  • Ireena made a song on his name “Ard! A is for Annihilating Evil! ♪ R is for Runs ’Em Straight Through! ♪ D is for Decimate the Enemy! ♪”.
  • He got the title of Pentagon, the fifth rank of the magic arts.
  • He is the creator of spells powered by ancient runes.
  • He left a message before his reincarnation, "I’m gonna die because I’m so sad. Assassination? More like asSADination. Ha-ha-ha".[9]


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