The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Wiki

This page provides the criteria for affiliations requests to affiliate with The Greatest Demon Lord Wiki.

What is Affiliation?

It's simply a unofficial cross-promotion thing with wikis with similar subjects. If you have a wiki about a show or franchise, you affiliate with a wiki about another of the creator's shows, or the network's other shows, or shows or franchises aimed at the same audience. Things like that.

It's an opportunity to boost visitor numbers, and at the same time, allow fans to explore new waters.

Criteria for Affiliation

Compulsory Requirements

  • The wiki must have at least one or two active admin.
  • The wiki must be fairly active with an average of at least 5 edits per week during periods of regular activity.
  • The wiki must have a wordmark.

Arbitrary Requirements

  • The wiki must be fairly maintained.

How to Affiliate

  1. Go to affiliation forum board
  2. Post your request
  3. Wait for any admin reply
  4. Save the The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Wiki logo below (make sure to save the file with the name SKNS_wordmark.png)
  5. Upload the image on your wiki
  6. Copy paste this code
    {{Wordmark|Name={{SITENAME}}|Wiki=Wiki URL(shijou-saikyou-daimaou)

Contact us

For sending the request, you can contact an active admin here.....